Template colour control update

To add a new setting to control the colour on the template for the last boxes highlighted.

Trading names, nicknames and organisation settings explained

Flobot allows you to customize the data you see. For example, you might not be interested in allocating a particular engineer for a job but you want to allocate a company instead and let them figure out who they are going to send. You might have a client with 50 sites that you need to catalogue and you might want […]

Invoice description on ‘Other’ and discount upgrade

Upgrade the invoice templates so that the charge description is displayed o the invoice when the ‘Other’ option is selected. The discount option strangely works on a discount code system which isn’t useful. There is no way to remove money from the invoice. This needs to be addresses with adding a value into the ‘add discount’ tab that takes money […]

Footer removed from bottom of invoices

We had several requests to remove the footer from the bottom of the default invoice template because when the client printed them out they were sometime rolling over 2 pages and causing an extra page to be removed. As the footer replicated the information on the top of the invoice anyway this seemed a reasonable request and so it has […]

Additional selectable Invoice templates

In the ‘settings – template’ we needed to be able to put in at least 2 templates (or more) for the user to select either one when sending an invoice. Here’s how it works. When you edit an account (if you need to see how to do that go here: How to edit an account in Flobot we have added a switch that […]

Nickname & Trading name feature expansion

In the settings => display there are a number of options that control which data is presented in the order table. So when the selection for ‘trading name’ is made for example the order table displays that data instead of the field team members name. (1st image) However, this is the only art of the system where these changes appear […]

Additional user generated Identification numbers

  UD Client number: Purchase Order Number Factoring Number How this data will be input into the system The Purchase order number is already in the system and can be found under ‘edit overview’ => edit order the it appears in the table The same process should be repeated for the Factoring Number. (Factoring is where a company sells the […]

Flobot Feature Upgrades 9/10/2015

1) New select all button when configuring filed team members for skills and areas covered 2) Include full site address on invoice. New tab in the settings to allow you to switch this feature on and off 3) Send customer new account email. New tab in the settings to allow you to switch this feature on and off 4) Send customer close […]

Flobot Bug fixes 9/10/2015

1) Appointment bug fixed for field engineers to ensure notes are always delivered by email 2) Reminder bug fixed for Field Team Members on second reminder of task 3) Manual job sheet upload bug fixed in Extranet Contractor Portal 4) e-jobsheet error fixed in Contractor extranet Portal

New batch of support videos!

Sometimes you want a walk through on how to use certain features, rather than having to read stuff! With that in mind, we’ve added a new batch of support videos to help you get the most from your Flobot experience. The videos are designed to guide you through some of the most used features in Flobot. Want to contribute? Let […]