Submit a job sheet without an appointment

Basically, the FTM can access any job in the system without an appointment and complete the job and submit the job sheet Firstly, log into the App, go to options and click all Jobs and then you will get the view of all the jobs, We have given you options to search the jobs by their postcode and MTX number […]

Pay FTMs for labour

Using our new feature users will be able to add FTMs payments simply without doing manual calculations. This is only for ServiceTeam company. Add FTM payment into the cost section. Go to the order you want to add FTM payments. Click on the Chargers tab & find the PAY FTM button under the Customer chargers section.NOTE: When some conditions failed […]

What are the accounting packages Flobot supports and how they work with the Flobot?

What is the Flobot?Flobot is simple service software. Flobot helps you run your business better. Taking payments from your customers, scheduling field team members, creating estimates and quotes, invoicing clients, producing reports, managing contractors and employees. Basically, all the functions you need to run your service business. How do they work together? Flobot handles all the day to day management […]

Order priority levels

An order’s priority defines its importance in relation to other orders, so it helps your users determine which orders should be tackled first. Flobot comes with a set of predefined priorities. You can also choose different priorities for your orders. NOTE: Users can set priority levels when adding a new enquiry. Once you set a priority level, it can’t be […]

Managing User Service Levels with oversight

When the user makes an order & it has stayed at a stage longer than the agreed service level time of that stage then an alarm clock will appear color “Green”, “Orange” or “Red” depending on how overdue. NOTE: Oversight feature is only available in ServiceTeam. The alarm clock appears in the default order list & order overview sections. If […]

Daily Risk Assessment

To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. You might need to sign in. Go to the Settings section and then choose the App settings Under the App settings find out the Risk assessment checklist tab and you can enable or disable following risk assessment settings on there and corresponds will work with the Flobot App; Enable […]

Auto attached account documents for engineer notes

Upload account documents into an account. First login to your Flotbot account. Then select a customer you want to upload documents & view that account. Go to the Document Store tab & Find Account document section. Click on the plus icon to upload your document. NOTE: Once you upload any document, You’ll be able to delete or able to turn […]

Auto restriction of quote access

By default, customers can view their quotes using email link. However, in some cases, Flobot might want to restrict the quote for customers. when auto restriction applied to any quote, customers unable to view quote through email link. NOTE: Quote restriction feature works when order stage in 11(Job closed),13(order canceled by customer) or 14(order canceled by business) 

What’s new in Drag and drop Schedule

How to Enable Drag and Drop Schedule Go to Settings Section. Then click Options & turn “on” Enable drag & drop schedule. How to work with Drag and Drop Schedule How to add a Appointments using new Schedule First go to order Then go to appointments and click Icon Then select an FTM Click on an empty cell and click […]

How to make, create and download batch invoices on Flobot

Go to Jobs / Orders section in Flobot. Select Download invoices clicking three-dot actions menu in top right corner. Then you can select the date (invoice sent date) and download the invoices pdf in the single zip file.