How to make, create and download batch invoices on Flobot

Go to Jobs / Orders section in Flobot. Select Download invoices clicking three-dot actions menu in top right corner. Then you can select the date (invoice sent date) and download the invoices pdf in the single zip file.

US address search implementation

Here’s how to configure : Goto Settings > Company info in your admin area. Scroll down & find FTM location matcher. Select Google address search option on drop down & save. Here’s how to use this feature : Once enable this feature you don’t want enter full address manually. Start typing your address on Address line 1 & then it pop ups all suggested addresses below the Address […]

How to add a template for the quote module in Flobot settings

This video shows you how to add a description of works in the quote module in Flobot. This makes it super-fast to build a great looking quote and send it to your customer.  

How to build a quote in Flobot using the stored price list

This video shows you how to build a quote in Flobot using the stored price list. Type in the material or service, fitting rate, whatever you want into the description and select from the drop down menu.    

How to alter the work area and skillset of a field team member in Flobot

If a field team member isn’t showing up in the schedule them you might want to add to their skillset or increase the areas they will work in. This will allow them to appear in the schedule for more jobs. Here is a video that shows how to do that.  

How to upload a price list into Flobot

Flobot allows you to save a lot of time when creating a quote or estimate because you have the ability to upload a product price list. This works for both labour pricing and materials and you can upload as many price lists as you like. Both the buy price and the sell price can be added to pre-populate your line […]

How to make a pre-authorisation check on a credit card in Flobot

How to make a pre-authorisation check on a credit card in Flobot In some circumstances you need to be able to ensure that the customer has given you a valid debit card or credit card before you provide a service. Just like a hotel you can take the customer’s card details before you do the work ready to bill instantly […]

New batch of support videos!

Sometimes you want a walk through on how to use certain features, rather than having to read stuff! With that in mind, we’ve added a new batch of support videos to help you get the most from your Flobot experience. The videos are designed to guide you through some of the most used features in Flobot. Want to contribute? Let […]