Payment Gateway set up

To get started, make sure to log in to the Flobot admin portal. You need to sign in. First of all, you have to enable the following options to set up the payment gateway External payment system – Take the public payment from the external link via 3DAUTH – 3D secure payment (security authentications required for online payments) 3DAUTH Version […]

Forced Call Feature

To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. You need to sign-in. Once you received the enquiry to the Flobot Then the recorded call receive by the system admin via the Flobot to follow up on this enquiry After the recorded call end, a call will redirect to the customer as well Then admin can continue the […]

Automatic reminders implementation

You can go through with the following links to get an idea about how the automatic reminders work with the Flobot     Appointment reminders 7b reminder notifications FTM Late Reminder Feature Overdue Quote Reminders Whatsapp Reminder Messages

Automate quote acceptance process

To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. You need to sign-in. In the top right, go to  Settings > Quote settings > Quote options. At the bottom, find the “Enable quote deposit payment process”. Once you enabled that button , then it will open another 2 buttons called “Enable drag & drop schedule for quote process” & “Enable quote appointment […]

Whatsapp Bussiness API integration and automated alerts templates configuration

To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. You need to sign-in. In the top right, go to  Settings > Options. At the bottom, find Enable whatsapp view  toggle button and Whatsapp widget api token. Then turn on “Enable whatsapp view” toggle button and insert the API token key to the “Whatsapp widget api token” and save your changes. Here’s how it works […]

Customize emails with placeholders

CUSTOMER EMAIL Account Contact Name – ((CUSTOMER_NAME))Site Name – ((SITE_NAME))Site contact name – ((SITE_CONTACT_NAME))Primary Account Contact Number – ((ACCOUNT_CONTACT_NUMBER))Primary Site Contact number – ((SITE_CONTACT_NUMBER))Site Address – ((SITE_ADDRESS))Account Address – ((ACCOUNT_ADDRESS))Department – ((DEPARTMENT_NAME))Order type – ((ENQUIRY_TYPE))Order Number – ((MTX_REFFERENCE))Invoice Number – ((INVOICE_NUMBER))Balance Payment link – ((PUBLIC_LINK_PAYMENT))Deposit Payment Link – ((DEPOSIT_PAYMENT_LINK))Job Owner – ((JOB_OWNER))Quote download link – ((download_your_quote))Quote Ref – ((QUOTE_NUMBER))Quote total […]

Submit a job sheet without an appointment

Basically, the FTM can access any job in the system without an appointment and complete the job and submit the job sheet Firstly, log into the App, go to options and click all Jobs and then you will get the view of all the jobs, We have given you options to search the jobs by their postcode and MTX number […]

How to give permissions on both Android and IOS devices

First of all you need to download and install the Flobot field service app from the Google play (Android) and the App store (IOS). Once you download and launching the app then device will ask the permissions. Then you can give permissions as follow IOS Select “Allow while using app” to use the location service. Then select “Change to always […]

Quote Template Categorize

You can save a quote template on a flobot to use in the future. Now quote template can be categorized. All the quote templates are already in the default category. you can customize it. Firstly you should add quote categories Log to Flobot and go to settings Select the templates tab and click the Quote template category list Then click […]

Message Bird SMS delivery confirmation

Once an appointment is been scheduled or when a quote has been sent to a customer. Once the text message is sent , you get the delivery stats in the order overview When the apppointment confirmation is sent you the stats as below. If the confirmation text was delivered, it is shown as message sent If the confirmation message was […]