How to customize Orders, Accounts & Field team left navigation

Here’s how to customize Go to Settings on your admin area. Find left navigation customizable options for Account, Order & FTM views. Then you can ON/OFF default tabs by using Active toggle buttons on Active column & save your changes. If want to change default label name, type new label name on the Label text filed & save your changes. Now you can customize Order […]

Add a customer or site contact email into MailChimp mailing List

Here’s how to configure Go to Settings > Options in your admin area. Find Mailchimp settings section. ( Flobot MailChimp integration ) Then add your Account Sync list ID on Mailchimp account list id field & Site Sync list ID on Mailchimp site list id field. ( Find Your Mailchimp List ID) Scroll down & press Save button. Here’s how to Sync Account email View the account you […]

US address search implementation

Here’s how to configure : Goto Settings > Company info in your admin area. Scroll down & find FTM location matcher. Select Google address search option on drop down & save. Here’s how to use this feature : Once enable this feature you don’t want enter full address manually. Start typing your address on Address line 1 & then it pop ups all suggested addresses below the Address […]

How to add a new user to Flobot

How to add a new user to Flobot Go to the top of any screen and you will find the user symbol on the right. Click it and it will bring you to this screen, click the cabinet and you will see an ‘Add User’ Option. From here it is fairly straight forward, just fill in the boxes and press […]