Managing User Service Levels with oversight

When the user makes an order & it has stayed at a stage longer than the agreed service level time of that stage then an alarm clock will appear color “Green”, “Orange” or “Red” depending on how overdue. NOTE: Oversight feature is only available in ServiceTeam. The alarm clock appears in the default order list & order overview sections. If […]

Send invoice from job owner’s email address

What’s send invoice from owner’s email Using this feature users will be able to send invoices as real job owners. Send invoice as job owner Go to invoice send screen on your order. Then you’ll be able see there’s a drop down on From email address area. By default, Drop down preselected with current user email. If you want to […]

How to send batch invoices for orders in stage 9b

Here’s how to send invoices : Go to Orders. Click the three-dot actions menu icon & select Send batch invoices (only 9b orders). Then you’ll able see all 9b orders & then press Send button.

How to batch update order stages

Here’s how to update order stage: Go to Orders. Click the three-dot actions menu icon & select Move Stage Order. Then select orders you want to update order stage by ticking on tick boxes. Scroll down & find Order stage drop down with save button. Then select order stage & click Save.