Managing User Service Levels with oversight

When the user makes an order & it has stayed at a stage longer than the agreed service level time of that stage then an alarm clock will appear color “Green”, “Orange” or “Red” depending on how overdue. NOTE: Oversight feature is only available in ServiceTeam. The alarm clock appears in the default order list & order overview sections. If […]

Reset your password

You can reset your password for security reasons or if you forget it. Reset your FTM password on flobot app Open the flobot app on your android or apple device. Tap on “Forgotten your password?” text on the login screen. Then type your login email on the text box and click the “RESET MY PASSWORD” button. Then check your email […]

Quote badge feature

Here’s how it works Here is a quote without assign FTM & appointment date. Here is how it looks when set FTM & appointment date by using Quote badge feature. You’ll be able find i icon on those columns when you set FTM & Appointment date manually. Here’s how to badge a quote Open the quote you want to assign. Click on […]

How to show customer/Engineer notes in schedule views

Here’s how to configure  Go to Settings > Options. Scroll down & find below toggle buttons. Then set your preferences. Save your changes.   Then you’ll be able to see Engineer notes & Customer notes in every schedule view.  

SeviceTeam SMS campaign for WP plugin subscribers

Introduction Go to All Customers > SMS Campaign on header navigation bar. When customer place an order by using ServiceTeam word-press plugin, his or her account automatically add to WP sms subscribe list. (1)  Using SMS windows you can send your customized SMS to required customer. (2) Here’s how to send SMS There’s a URL Shortener tool if you want to short your […]

Adding a new enquiry to an existing account

Sometimes you need to keep a record of new enquiries. Even if they are for existing clients. A list of jobs to do and a record of the success in contacting the customer. Gere is a video of how to do that.

How to upload a price list into Flobot

Flobot allows you to save a lot of time when creating a quote or estimate because you have the ability to upload a product price list. This works for both labour pricing and materials and you can upload as many price lists as you like. Both the buy price and the sell price can be added to pre-populate your line […]