What are the accounting packages Flobot supports and how they work with the Flobot?

What is the Flobot?Flobot is simple service software. Flobot helps you run your business better. Taking payments from your customers, scheduling field team members, creating estimates and quotes, invoicing clients, producing reports, managing contractors and employees. Basically, all the functions you need to run your service business. How do they work together? Flobot handles all the day to day management […]

Attach existing documents into Engineer Notes

Flobot allows you to attach already existing documents into the engineer notes section. Simply go engineer notes section & click on the burger icon on the right corner. Then you will be able to attach existing job sheets, quotes, project sheets, account documents & more.

Job due date feature

Here’s how to configure Go to Settings > Options in your admin area. Scroll down & find Enable order due date toggle button. Turn on the setting & Save your settings. Here’s how it works When you’re going to add a new enquiry  there’s a new row named as Order due date to set due date for that job. In default Jobs list view there’s a new […]