Forcing field team members to add images

To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. Force to add images into the job sheet Go to Settings > App settings. Scroll down & find the ‘Minimum number of job sheet Images‘ spinner. Then set a minimum number of images required for job sheets. Force to add Quote description of work proposed images into the Quote Go to Settings > App […]

Multiple checklist feature

Using multiple checklist feature, companies will able to send single or multiple checklists to the FTM How to add checklist templates First, login to flobot and go to settings. Then go to the “App Template” tab. Add a new template, Select “New Template” from Template option dropdown. Give a template name on “template name” textbox To add checklist items, use […]

Multiple risk assesment Zoho forms feature

Multiple risk assesment feature allows you to use multiple zoho forms instead of one form in daily risk assesment. Turning on this feature will replace the previous daily risk assesment feature. How turn this feature on and configure First login to Flobot, go to settings, Then click on “App Settings” tab. Click on “Risk Assesment Checklist” tab, Then enable “Enable […]

Doughnut Feature

Doughnut is a feature that simplifies all the tasks in the flobot app. If your company Field Workers think that Flobot app is so complicated, you can use this feature. How to enable Doughnut feature on flobot First, Login to Flobot and go to settings Then click App Settings on the left side menu Then turn on “Enable Doughnut” setting […]

Reset your password

You can reset your password for security reasons or if you forget it. Reset your FTM password on flobot app Open the flobot app on your android or apple device. Tap on “Forgotten your password?” text on the login screen. Then type your login email on the text box and click the “RESET MY PASSWORD” button. Then check your email […]

Project Sign-off Zoho form feature

This feature will only work on serviceteam company. With the Project Sign-off feature, we can assign department based Zoho forms to fill on job completion. Also, we can change the form if order charges exceed some predefined value. How to add Zoho form links for departments First, login to flobot and go to settings Click “Departments” then click options dropdown […]

Recommendation feature

Recommendation feature allows FTMs to send recommendations if he is not able to fully guaranteed the work. This feature will only work on serviceteam company. How it works on app First login to flobot app and go to an appointment. Then you will able to see a new section called “Recommendations” and tap on it. If FTM able to fully […]

Material return feature

Now FTMs can send their return martial information through the app. This feature will only work on serviceteam company. How it works on the app FTMs will able to see a new section called ” Return Materials” inside appointments on the app. Then they can add return materials by simply tapping on the “+” icon. Then fill return material one […]

All new multiple image uploader in Flobot app

What’s new FTMs will be able to upload multiple images at once by using this uploader. Multiple image uploader in Flobot app Open your Flobot app on your device. Navigate to any image gallery available location. For example, Attachments & Images section in the appointment. Tap Add button. Here is new image uploader view. Tip: If you want to add […]

Financial in Flobot app

The Payment Summery tab under the Statistics tab in the Flobot app bottom navigation bar and easy-to-see summaries of all your important financial information. Payment Summery in Flobot app Open your Flobot app on your device. On the bottom navigation bar, tap Statistics. Tap Payment Summery tab on the top navigation bar. Tip: You can navigate between month by using left & right arrow icons.