Forcing field team members to add images

To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. Force to add images into the job sheet Go to Settings > App settings. Scroll down & find the ‘Minimum number of job sheet Images‘ spinner. Then set a minimum number of images required for job sheets. Force to add Quote description of work proposed images into the Quote Go to Settings > App […]

Material return feature

Now FTMs can send their return martial information through the app. This feature will only work on serviceteam company. How it works on the app FTMs will able to see a new section called ” Return Materials” inside appointments on the app. Then they can add return materials by simply tapping on the “+” icon. Then fill return material one […]

Daily Risk Assessment

To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. You might need to sign in. Go to the Settings section and then choose the App settings Under the App settings find out the Risk assessment checklist tab and you can enable or disable following risk assessment settings on there and corresponds will work with the Flobot App; Enable […]

Auto restriction of quote access

By default, customers can view their quotes using email link. However, in some cases, Flobot might want to restrict the quote for customers. when auto restriction applied to any quote, customers unable to view quote through email link. NOTE: Quote restriction feature works when order stage in 11(Job closed),13(order canceled by customer) or 14(order canceled by business) 

All new multiple image uploader in Flobot app

What’s new FTMs will be able to upload multiple images at once by using this uploader. Multiple image uploader in Flobot app Open your Flobot app on your device. Navigate to any image gallery available location. For example, Attachments & Images section in the appointment. Tap Add button. Here is new image uploader view. Tip: If you want to add […]

Quote badge feature

Here’s how it works Here is a quote without assign FTM & appointment date. Here is how it looks when set FTM & appointment date by using Quote badge feature. You’ll be able find i icon on those columns when you set FTM & Appointment date manually. Here’s how to badge a quote Open the quote you want to assign. Click on […]

Track user activities in Flobot

How to view Task list Go to Users > Select the user Click on Options drop down list & select Activity log Here’s how it works After user has viewed the Order overview and then search from Activity log it will shows that order with its relevant order number(EX:- MTX68883) After user has viewed the Account overview and then search from Activity log it will shows that account with its relevant […]

Add a customer or site contact email into MailChimp mailing List

Here’s how to configure Go to Settings > Options in your admin area. Find Mailchimp settings section. ( Flobot MailChimp integration ) Then add your Account Sync list ID on Mailchimp account list id field & Site Sync list ID on Mailchimp site list id field. ( Find Your Mailchimp List ID) Scroll down & press Save button. Here’s how to Sync Account email View the account you […]

Quote SMS alert feature

Here’s how to configure: Go to Settings > Options. Scroll down & find quote sms settings area. Turn on Enable Quotes sms toggle button & add Bitly API KEYS. ( How do I find my API key?) Press Save button to save your changes. Here’s how to use this feature: Then view your already send quote. Click the three-dot actions menu & go to Send SMS. Then put your msg on SMS […]

How to add a template for the quote module in Flobot settings

This video shows you how to add a description of works in the quote module in Flobot. This makes it super-fast to build a great looking quote and send it to your customer.