Bad anchor from Invoice

If you are viewing or sending a customer invoice and then click to ‘charges’ it takes you to ‘order overview’ instead.

No way to edit the VAT on options in quote

Once the quote has been built there is no way to alter the VAT status when you re-visit it. So, I suggest we move the button to a ‘show’ or ‘hide’ slider like the main quote.

Locking the time slots in place

We need to lock the time-slots as we scroll to the right to make it easy to see what time we are booking.    

Change the anchor on the add new order page

This anchor needs changing. At the moment it goes through an unneccessary page so we need to do this:  

Change to the description box

We need to put in a new Ajax pop-up box for the details of the job. This information is shared with the ftm and appears in the app.  

Changes to the payment gateway / online payments for Flobot

Changes to the payment gateway / online payments for Flobot What happens is the customer pays the deposit with a credit card but the credit card charges are only added on the final settlement payment. We need to tell the customer of the amount the credit card will cost to process on each transaction. So, Can we add how much […]

Some improvements to the enquiry form

Yes we need to make it linear again. Alos, we need to do something about the company / organistaion. It is getting a bit messy as we add more companies as opposed to individuals. Kickserv does this pretty well with the option of asking the user whether it is a company or an indivdual at the start of the process […]

Tweaks to the Field team members schedule

We are getting close to having a very good Field Team members schedule, probably the best on the market. Here is what we need to do to guarantee our success. All images at bottom of post in order. 1) Open the slots. We need to get these slots open right from the start. Becasue when we upgrade the qizard it […]

Updated Flobot scheduler features and bugs to be solved before release

The updated scheduler is looking great. Lots more fuunctionality. A few bugs to clear up before release The appointment I just made has not appeared in the schedule although it appears in the appointments tab When making the appointment the confirm button is way over to the right and has a lot of scrolling I think we need to hide […]

Complaint flag advanced search in Flobot

We have the complaint flag feature and the warning tag. Both are used to identify a customer who has a problem or has made a complaint or that the user doesn’t want to do any work for again becasue the customer is a pain in the arse or whatever. At the moment we flag it so that the marketing siftware […]