What are the accounting packages Flobot supports and how they work with the Flobot?

What is the Flobot?Flobot is simple service software. Flobot helps you run your business better. Taking payments from your customers, scheduling field team members, creating estimates and quotes, invoicing clients, producing reports, managing contractors and employees. Basically, all the functions you need to run your service business. How do they work together? Flobot handles all the day to day management […]

7b reminder notifications

When the job is left at stage 7b for longer than 48 hours then Flobot will send a reminder SMS & email to the site contact details. Customize your email template. Go to Settings > Templates. Click on the System template. Then select “7b reminder email template“ from ‘Select template to edit‘ dropdown. Customize the template as you wish. Make […]

Attach existing documents into Engineer Notes

Flobot allows you to attach already existing documents into the engineer notes section. Simply go engineer notes section & click on the burger icon on the right corner. Then you will be able to attach existing job sheets, quotes, project sheets, account documents & more.

Quote deposit acceptance feature

How to enable quote deposit payment process Go to the Settings section. Scroll down & select Quote Settings. Then go to the Options tab in the Quote Settings. Turn on Enable quote deposit payment process & click save. Here’s how it works Using this feature Customers will be able to accept their quotes, make deposit payments & confirm their appointments […]

Recommendation feature

Recommendation feature allows FTMs to send recommendations if he is not able to fully guaranteed the work. This feature will only work on serviceteam company. How it works on app First login to flobot app and go to an appointment. Then you will able to see a new section called “Recommendations” and tap on it. If FTM able to fully […]

Material return feature

Now FTMs can send their return martial information through the app. This feature will only work on serviceteam company. How it works on the app FTMs will able to see a new section called ” Return Materials” inside appointments on the app. Then they can add return materials by simply tapping on the “+” icon. Then fill return material one […]

Quote settings

You can customize quote settings in here. There’re seven sections in the quote settings. Options Quote image – You can rename quote image field header text. Please see the below image. Quote images width – Set default quote image width size in pixel when uploading images to the Quote.  Quote image description – show or hide the quote image description. […]

Suppliers in the Flobot

Add a new supplier Go to Field resources section in the main menu navigation. Click on the burger icon in top right & select Add supplier. Then fill the required fields. Click the save button to save your changes. Send a supplier sheet Open a quote you want to send a supplier sheet. Scroll down & click on the Supplier […]

Cascade Menu

To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. You might need to sign in. NOTE :- First follow this link ( Manage Navigation ) to learn how to “Manage navigation” Go to the Settings > Manage navigation > Main menu Then you can add/edit the menu navigations (cascade menu) under the Main menu tab Add main menu […]

Manage navigation

You can update, add, and hide navigation panels on your flobot. Click the settings in the right side corner. Select Manage navigation. Main menu You can edit the main menu navigations under the main menu tab. Add new – add new navigation. Link – type a URL you wish to navigate. Label – name for navigation. Action – you can turn on […]