Project Sign-Off Sheet

Change settings for Project Sign-Off feature To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal.  NOTE: Project Sign-Off Sheet feature only available in ServiceTeam. Set department base Zoho URLs In the top right corner, click Settings. Scroll down to Departments tab & click on it. Choose a department, Then go to Options > Types on the right […]

FTM forced questions feature

When you submit a jobsheet, the app will ask three questions from FTM. and then the order stage will change according to the selected question. Note: This features will only work on serviceteam company How it works on mobile app First FTM needs to login to his/her account Then go to an appointment Fill all required fields to the job […]

FTM Late Reminder Feature

Now you will receive an email if an FTM late to an appointment for more than 2 hours. The email will be sent to The System will be automatically detected if an order late about 2-3 hours and send this email. Note : This features will only work on serviceteam company How to customize Late Reminder email Template First, […]