Secondary job owner

To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. You might need to sign in. Here’s how to assign secondary job owner Open Order you want assign secondary job owner. In the Order Summery section top right corner, click Menu icon. Click Edit Order option. Then Find Secondary Job Owner drop down & select your Secondary Job owner. […]

View all jobsheet images in one place

How to view images Go to jobs section. Click Menu and select View job sheet images. Then enter order date range and click search button. You will be able to see all jobsheet images in above date range. Note: This feature works only on service can find your all jobsheet images in one place. follow the above steps correctly. […]

How to move the order into another Account or a Site in Flobot

To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. You might need to sign in How to move order into another account. Go to Jobs / Orders section and select the Order you need, move to an Account or a Site. Then from order, select Move to another account ,clicking three-dot actions menu in top right corner. Then type your account number and […]

Auto attached account documents for engineer notes

Upload account documents into an account. First login to your Flotbot account. Then select a customer you want to upload documents & view that account. Go to the Document Store tab & Find Account document section. Click on the plus icon to upload your document. NOTE: Once you upload any document, You’ll be able to delete or able to turn […]

Send invoice from job owner’s email address

What’s send invoice from owner’s email Using this feature users will be able to send invoices as real job owners. Send invoice as job owner Go to invoice send screen on your order. Then you’ll be able see there’s a drop down on From email address area. By default, Drop down preselected with current user email. If you want to […]

How to export all customers data to csv from Flobot

To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. You might need to sign in Go to the All customers sub menu of New customers. Then you can see all customer’s accounts of your company. Then select Export all customer data to csv file,clicking three-dot actions menu in top right corner. Finally you can open downloaded csv file […]

Auto restriction of quote access

By default, customers can view their quotes using email link. However, in some cases, Flobot might want to restrict the quote for customers. when auto restriction applied to any quote, customers unable to view quote through email link. NOTE: Quote restriction feature works when order stage in 11(Job closed),13(order canceled by customer) or 14(order canceled by business) 

How to view yearly scheduled Appointments

To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. You might need to sign in. How to view yearly schedule First go to Schedule Then click on the list icon Choose “ 1 Year View” Then you can see yearly appointments of all FTMs You can mouse hover each date and view appointments if there any Yearly view […]

What’s new in Drag and drop Schedule

How to Enable Drag and Drop Schedule Go to Settings Section. Then click Options & turn “on” Enable drag & drop schedule. How to work with Drag and Drop Schedule How to add a Appointments using new Schedule First go to order Then go to appointments and click Icon Then select an FTM Click on an empty cell and click […]

FTM Creating Invoice From Flobot Valuation

How To Create New Valuation Go to the Field resources section and choose FTM you want to create valuation and then click on FTM name. Then it navigates to FTM overview, from there move to Financial column of left side navigation > FTM payment information. Then select create new valuation, clicking three-dot actions menu in the top right corner. After it navigates to FTM Payment Information […]