Xero Status

  How to connect with Xero To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. You might need to sign in In the top right, click Settings and find out Xero settings. Then Connect with Xero ,you have to give permission to xero and log with your xero account credentials. After successfully connected with xero you can see […]

Quote image gallery settings in Flobot app

You can customize Quote image gallery functionality by settings from the Flobot admin area. By using those settings you’ll be able to on/off  quote work proposed images, quote further details images & quote images. Try the new settings In the top right, go to  Settings > Options. At the bottom, find Enable quote work proposed images, Enable quote further details images toggle button. Then choose to turn On or Off. Click Save Changes at the bottom. Quote […]

Overdue Quote Reminders

Here’s how it works You can enable automated reminders for the Quotes. This sends automated reminder,  sms & emails in 7 days, 14 days and 30 days. Please use following steps to enable it. Here’s how to enable to a customer Open customer account you want to enable it. Go to edit account. Then scroll down &  find Enable overdue reminders toggle button. […]