Track user activities in Flobot

How to view Task list Go to Users > Select the user Click on Options drop down list & select Activity log Here’s how it works After user has viewed the Order overview and then search from Activity log it will shows that order with its relevant order number(EX:- MTX68883) After user has viewed the Account overview and then search from Activity log it will shows that account with its relevant […]

Set Warehouse address as collection address for delivery companies

How to add Warehouse address Go to Settings > Warehouse address section on your admin area. Click on three-dot actions menu & add warehouse address. Fill the blank fields & Save your changes. Also you’ll be able to edit or delete Warehouse addresses by using Options drop down on the right side. Here’s how it works When you’re going to add a Delivery or Collection appointment, normally there’re […]

Learn what’s new in Quote v2

What’s new in Quote v2 Quote has a new look for the features you already use, plus new way to edit your quote items. Here are some Highlights. Try the new Quote To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. You might need to sign in. In the top right, go to  Settings > Options. At the […]

Order delivery address update

What’s new Now you’ll be able put collection, delivery addresses in the Add Enquiry level. In the Order overview > Site address details section shows you entered collection, delivery addresses or by default, It is get automatically filled delivery address with account address and then collection address is with site address. If you want to change those addresses, Goto Site address details edit section. […]