Overdue Invoice Reminders

Here’s how it works You can enable automated reminders for the invoices. This sends automated reminder,  sms and emails in 1 days, 15 days and 30 days. Please use following steps to enable it. Here’s how to enable to a customer Open customer account you want to enable it. Go to edit account. Then scroll down &  find Enable overdue reminders toggle button. […]

How to customize Orders, Accounts & Field team left navigation

Here’s how to customize Go to Settings on your admin area. Find left navigation customizable options for Account, Order & FTM views. Then you can ON/OFF default tabs by using Active toggle buttons on Active column & save your changes. If want to change default label name, type new label name on the Label text filed & save your changes. Now you can customize Order […]

New Stage – 5b) Prospect

After quote is sent, if the job looks promising even though still customer hasn’t agreed to the quote. Job admin can shift to this stage.  

UK Data protection law and exporting customer email in to mailchimp marketing email list.

In order to comply with current & new rules for marketing and use of data Flobot users need to follow a careful procedure for obtaining and marketing to customers. When collecting user data at enquiry level and when booking and inputting data into Flobot in “New Enquiries” the Flobot job admin has to confirms the following when taking the email […]