How to add Purchase order number

Here’s how to configure  Go to Settings > Options. Scroll down & find Enable PO number in enquiries toggle button. Turn on it & Save your changes. Here’s how it work When adding a new enquiry & when customer type is Landlord, Business, Construction Company, Letting Agency, FMC or PB  new row add as Purchase order number. Flobot can recognize PO number is exist or not.  Also user […]

How to show customer/Engineer notes in schedule views

Here’s how to configure  Go to Settings > Options. Scroll down & find below toggle buttons. Then set your preferences. Save your changes.   Then you’ll be able to see Engineer notes & Customer notes in every schedule view.  

Automatic Quote SMS Feature

Here’s how to configure  Go to Settings > Options. Then turn on Enable SMS toggle button. Scroll down & find turn on Enable Quotes sms toggle button. Then fill Bitly API KEYS. ( How do I find my API key?) Save your changes. Customer will receive a quote text message when send the quote. This message automatically send by the System.      

Check-in / Check-out setting for mobile app

Here’s how to configure this setting Go to Settings > App Settings in your admin area. Scroll down & find Enable check-in and check-out toggle button. Set Yes to enable & Set No to disable this section. Then Save your changes.  

Request a customer feedback

Here’s how to configure: Go to Settings > Options. Find out Enable SMS in settings area. Turn on Enable SMS toggle button. Press Save button to save your changes. Here the next step: Go to Settings > App Settings Then Scroll down & find out Enable customer review in  App settings area. Turn on Enable customer review toggle button and Save your changes. Here the last step: Navigate to field resources section. Then select […]

Job due date feature

Here’s how to configure Go to Settings > Options in your admin area. Scroll down & find Enable order due date toggle button. Turn on the setting & Save your settings. Here’s how it works When you’re going to add a new enquiry  there’s a new row named as Order due date to set due date for that job. In default Jobs list view there’s a new […]

Add a customer or site contact email into MailChimp mailing List

Here’s how to configure Go to Settings > Options in your admin area. Find Mailchimp settings section. ( Flobot MailChimp integration ) Then add your Account Sync list ID on Mailchimp account list id field & Site Sync list ID on Mailchimp site list id field. ( Find Your Mailchimp List ID) Scroll down & press Save button. Here’s how to Sync Account email View the account you […]

Quote SMS alert feature

Here’s how to configure: Go to Settings > Options. Scroll down & find quote sms settings area. Turn on Enable Quotes sms toggle button & add Bitly API KEYS. ( How do I find my API key?) Press Save button to save your changes. Here’s how to use this feature: Then view your already send quote. Click the three-dot actions menu & go to Send SMS. Then put your msg on SMS […]