The quote module is too clunky in the app and needs to be changed to make it useful.

It must have a feed to prefill the costs of materials and labour that are stored in the database. (no-one is going to fill this in in the field from a paper price list). At the moment if it has one it isn’t working.

Crashes constantly when entering materials into quote – this is still happening.

No copy of the quote is left in the system. It needs to have a document in the quotes section.

The VAT is adding up on the page you enter it into.


The screen is too busy but doesn’t contain the right information.

So, the image above is the quote after the line item has been added

Because space is a premium on a mobile device we only need to show

Type Description Qty and price inc VAT

So for Example

Labour – Carpet fitter – 1 man 1 day £300. Let’s strip out a lot of information that is already in the quote when you add the lie item. We probably don’t need to display it. We can always put it back if we have to.

N.B. You should be able to edit a quote even after it has been sent. At the moment you can only view it.

In the image below

1. This is ugly. The table cell is too small. Space is a premium in a mobile device. Don’t let the words take up more than one line. Replace this line with ‘Quote number’. Secondly, that is not a quote number it should dtart with an mtx number

2. Estimated time to complete. As above, cramped and the 1.0days needs a space

43. Needs an option to send it to multiple receipients

4. Just put ‘Deposit required’

5. It is not loading the templates form the system, so we should have the templates preflled form here. They should not be displayed they just need to be displayed they can just be pulled from the system. In the next upgrade we need to be able to make select from multiple quotes (there is a web system project for this)

In the image below

1. Put these one below the other.They need explaining better so put ‘Viewable’ (show client line item but not price) and then ‘Visible’ (make line invisible to client but add to total)

2. What is this box for?























In the image below the drop down menu is repeating






















In the screen below

1. Should be spelled ‘Deposit’

2. Put it all on one line and make it look nicer

3. Don’t need to put ‘Total quote to customer’ in here it is already at the top. Again put this all on one line.




Written By

Adrian Portsmouth