That quote item upload is just awesome. It has saved me so much time, I just love it. And the quotes (bar the selectable images that we need to get back in there) are working brilliantly.

But we are the victims of our own success here. There is too much going on in that line now to be useful and we need to move some things.

I am think that we have a button to click that says ‘advanced’ and then a new line opens below it to give more options (or we have a pop out which might be neater)

And I think we should move these options to that new advanced line.


Markup %

Markup each

VAT for profit

All the space we get back should be given to the description.

Also, we should keep these put a rollover on these

Viewable = Make line item price viewable to customer or hide it (this should still add the totals and show at the bottom either way)

Visible = Show line description and price to customer or hide it (this should still add the totals and show at the bottom either way)










Part 2

We need to add some new fields to the type of entry drop down menu.

Dimensions (this will allow us to put 2 entry figures in of Width and height and multiply them to give us an area size) and will work much like the labout entry which is pretty neat

Colour: We want to be able to specify the colour particulalry for the flooring and carpets so that this is not missed by the supplier or the customer so it needs to have a seperate line entry

quote-extension quote-extension-2

Part 3

So part 3 of this project is to replicate the quote information box. So, some customers like builders and landscaper have complex and long quotes that they need to break into individual sections. For example, the are building a new garden and they want to price for separate parts of it which a re mini projects in their own right.

Garden wall

Bricks = 200

mortar = 200

Labour = 2 days for 2 men etc

Then they want to have a sepearte min project for say turfing the lawn. And these seperate projects can be selected seperately by the customer. To cater for this we need to put in a ‘table’ symbol next to the ‘+’ symbol on the quote information box. And clicking that table symbol just creates a new information box that you can label to whatbere you like, so ‘Project 2’ for example.

Ideally you would have a small table at the bottom that would allow you to add the totals of all the tables to appear on the quote – or not.

extra tablemultiple-tables

 Part 4

Options. Without putting all the functinality of a line iyem here we still need to put one drop down box for materials, labour, fixed price so that we can pull information for the quote item price list.

Part 5

Image Gallery. We need to be able to select multiple images and put them into the quote.

Part 6

Multiple templates. So, this will be very useful for the app. But even in the system we need to be able to crate multiple templates to go in the description of work proposed. That way, form the app or the system you have a drop down menu (and a default one of course) that allows you to select and pre-fill this with different templates. You might be have a template for carpets, one for vinyls, one for stair runners etc and you need to be able to call them anything you like i.e. Carpet template, stair runner template etc.

Written By

Adrian Portsmouth