Not that we want to start designing sales and estimating software because that’s not what we do and we would be better off connecting with Goldmine or Salesforce for this, but we still have some good data in the system that would be useful for the estimators / sales teams.

We already display a lot of stats but we can do more and we can have some nice ratios so, I think we should add for each estimator and engineer

  1. The number of successful orders i.e Stage 11
  2. The number of stage rejected orders i.e stage 12 and above
  3. The number of quotes issued to customer i.e. stage 5
  4. The number of jobs in progress i.e stages 6 to 10b
  5. The number of quotes booked i.e. stage 3
  6. The success ratio of quotes booked to jobs won = stage 3 / stage 11
  7. The total amount of revenue booked by the estimator according to the customer payments figures

and if we could put date ranges into this so we can see these stats per month, then really this is another fantastic feature we have that none of our competitors do. And it might as well appear in the app where the other stats appear.


Written By

Adrian Portsmouth