Adding the project sheet or supplier sheet

So we now have a very cool supplier sheet an a very cool project sheet. Both sent as pdfs and a record of both in the quotes tab. Next we need to put a copy in the document store as a pdf. Then in the Details of the job that is shared with the FTM and on that app, we […]

Add logos to the map on the dashboard of flobot

So, we have a really cool map that shows where all of the engineers, field team members and estiamtors are at any point in time. Here’s what we need to do next 1) Swap the current place indicator for a logo or a picture of the customers vans 2) Have a button that makes the map full screen (then it […]

How to use the filters for quotes

You may want to filter the quotes based on certain parameters. Here is how to do that.    

Further enhancement to quote module

That quote item upload is just awesome. It has saved me so much time, I just love it. And the quotes (bar the selectable images that we need to get back in there) are working brilliantly. But we are the victims of our own success here. There is too much going on in that line now to be useful and […]

Adding custom fields into the charges drop down menu in Flobot

At the moment we can add custom fields into that drop down menu of the charges form (as below). To make your job easier, so let’s take it step by step. Starting out First of all, you have to navigate to the “Settings” -> “Order Items” and the click on the cabinet icon on the upper right side corner to […]

Add the quotes viewed to the quote

At the moment we can determine when and how many times the quote has been viewed by the client.It appears in the order log and the quotes search table. Can we put it into the quote tab itself?

More interesting statistics project for Flobot

Not that we want to start designing sales and estimating software because that’s not what we do and we would be better off connecting with Goldmine or Salesforce for this, but we still have some good data in the system that would be useful for the estimators / sales teams. We already display a lot of stats but we can […]

Attachments in app project

If we can allow an attachment in the ‘Details of the job (information shared with FTM) that will appear in the app then this is a massively useful feature. So, pdf attachments, word, images whatever, maybe even video. This will mean that when preparing a project for the Field Team Member, no paper will be necessary at all. The user […]

How to alter the work area and skillset of a field team member in Flobot

If a field team member isn’t showing up in the schedule them you might want to add to their skillset or increase the areas they will work in. This will allow them to appear in the schedule for more jobs. Here is a video that shows how to do that.  

Adding a new enquiry to an existing account

Sometimes you need to keep a record of new enquiries. Even if they are for existing clients. A list of jobs to do and a record of the success in contacting the customer. Gere is a video of how to do that.