How to duplicate or copy a quote in Flobot

You may want to make several copies of a quote or estimate in Flobot. Maybe because your customer wants several quotes and they have slight variations in each. Here is a video of how to do that.  

How to upload a price list into Flobot

Flobot allows you to save a lot of time when creating a quote or estimate because you have the ability to upload a product price list. This works for both labour pricing and materials and you can upload as many price lists as you like. Both the buy price and the sell price can be added to pre-populate your line […]

Flobot: How to change the job owner

The job owner is defaulted to the person who first created a customer order. This person receives all Flobot communications about this job or order – when a quote has been accepted and the payment notifications telling the user when a deposit or a settlement balance has been paid. This video shows you how to change the job owner to someone […]

How to make a pre-authorisation check on a credit card in Flobot

How to make a pre-authorisation check on a credit card in Flobot In some circumstances you need to be able to ensure that the customer has given you a valid debit card or credit card before you provide a service. Just like a hotel you can take the customer’s card details before you do the work ready to bill instantly […]

Show and hide adjustment in quotes

To save a lot of coding I have a neat solution for these quotes. When we currently build a quote we add lines items to it. The price can be shown or hidden from the customer. As shown in the images at the bottom of the page. We just need to remove the quantities form view of the customer Why […]

Book out a slot or leave a not updated

We have made some modifications for booking out a slot and I have put some advice in this video about leaving notes for yourself perhaps for a call back.

Bad anchor from Invoice

If you are viewing or sending a customer invoice and then click to ‘charges’ it takes you to ‘order overview’ instead.

Quote notes fitting sheet template

The fitting sheet has now been incorporated into the quote notes. You won’t see it until you go to add a new note. Click the ‘+’ sign and there it is. Fill this in and you won’t need to do the paper form anymore. Here is a video on how to do it

How to find an old, old customer

The database has now been poulated with all the old customers. It means that you don’t have to type their contact details in again should they call back.  Just type in ‘can:’ into the search bar followed by the name of the customer. See the video Remember this will bring up their account. They don’t have any orders badges to […]

No way to edit the VAT on options in quote

Once the quote has been built there is no way to alter the VAT status when you re-visit it. So, I suggest we move the button to a ‘show’ or ‘hide’ slider like the main quote.