Special projects postcode / geo-location over-ride

or maybe it should be called: FTM / Sales estimators areas covered and skillsets logic upgrade.

So, imagine you want someone to cover only a specific set of areas unless some other event occurs when it can be overridden.

For example, one person covers 100 mile radius or certain postcodes unless a condition is met and then they will go anywhere. So, in London all SW postcodes are covered normally unless ‘Special project’ or ‘Remedial’ (remedial is where someone has to go back to fix something for free) is a type that has been selected in the drop down menu of an order.

In that instance they can be booked into the schedule for an appointment regardless of the location and depsite the settings in their ‘Estimator’ or FTM portal.

To make it clearer

Bill is an engineer that fixes boilers anywhere in a 20 miles radius from the centre of Boston. He can not be booked for a job outside this radius unless the order is selected as a ‘Special Project’ or ‘Remedial’ and this is selected as a skill set for Bill. If these conditions a re met then Bill can be booked anywhere on the planet for an appointment.

Written By

Adrian Portsmouth