The schedule looks great and it is easy to see what is happening with the appointments becasue of the colour coding.

The next stage is to make it easier to find the schedule that you are looking for among several schedules. This can be accomplished by colour coding the top bar as in the image. Also, we should put in a nice round picture of the FTM or Estimator, ideally with a white circle around it and tidy up the navigation. If there is no picture then we should put in a generic yellow smiley face emoticon.

The colour of the bar should be selected form the edit FTM screen, a hexadecimal colour number just like we have in the global settings. And we should also place one in the edit user. So, every member of the office team and the field team gets a unique and defineable colour. This will be useful further along the way.

The most advanced stage of this project (with reference to easigrass) would be to use the colour coded system as the coloured slot blocks in the new ‘Capacity schedule). So, The colour would match the current ‘Job Owner’ in that schedule. This would make it easy to identify who owns the job just from the colours of the blocks. It will also look very cool.


Written By

Adrian Portsmouth