Adding custom fields into the charges drop down menu in Flobot

We need to be able to add custom fields into that drop down menu of the charges form (as below) so they can put in the types of Grass they have (we won’t put prices for it in here yet, it will interfere with our other pricing project)

When it comes to the end of the month and they want to know how much of each grass they have sold can we get this data out into Xero or a csv file?

we can calculate how many sqm have been invoiced from particular type of grass.. and then we can either generate a report inside Flobot or send it out as a csv.. well I guess no point of sending this to Xero as this is not much a accounting related info but of course  we can send the info in a xero entry this is the total of Grass SQFT on this order.. simply this is doable 

The new drop should look like this:


Parts or Materials


Fixed Price

Settlement Balance


Congestion Charge

Parking Charge

Late payment fee

Missed appointment fee


Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)


Card processing fee





















Written By

Adrian Portsmouth