This is the Easigrass Flobot project roadmap. Comments and suggestions may be added by any member of the team.

Points to note

Writing new code, testing it and delivering it is not like trying on dresses. It takes a lot of time and frequently delivery times come and go because it is complex. What may seem like a simple request can actually take many days and sometimes weeks to be released to the live code.

Also, we are working on several different projects simultaneously for other clients and for the Flobot Roadmap itself. At this moment in time those major projects are the iOS app version (curently complete and testing) and the client account system and asset tracking upgrade.

Releases to the live system

Occur on Tuesdays to give us time to revoke them or alter them if there are bugs.

Current Projects

  1. The integration of the Ninja website form into Flobot enquiry form – 10 days Status: IT contact at Easigrass has left.
  2. Flobot app adaption for Easigrass sales team to be able to create quotes in field and book appointments on the fly 4 weeks Status: In testing for release W/C 31/7/2017
  3. Additional statistics for sales team Status: Started, new statistics to be added

Projects to complete

  1. Randomization of sales estimators presented in the schedule –  days Status: Not started
  2. The quote tool enhancement for cut sizes
  3. Upgrade and enhancement to quote module to enable multiple templates
  4. New customizable portal for Anthony to show sales stats, conversion ratios, grass amounts, revenue, profit, locations of field team,

Projects complete

  1. Splitting the FTMs from the estimators. We need to assign roles so we can intelligently select from the schedule based on a ‘estimate’ and ‘job’  2 days. Status – Complete
  2. Locking the time-slots in place on the schedule: – 2 days Status: Complete
  3. New invoice template – 3 days Status: Complete
  4. Importing old client database with order dates – 4 days / Thursday – Status Complete
  5. Options on Quote. So instead of working out the total at the bottom, we have a drop down where the materials are for ‘options’. When selected it allows the user to put in a line item as usual but it won’t add to the total at the bottom. then you can build up a lot of options without adding to the total. If you only selected ‘options’ and made say 3 it would be displayed as a line item with no subtotal or total at the end. It would just show the price and the vat on each option. – 3 days. Status Complete
  6. Break out the ‘description of proposed work’ from the ‘further details’ so we can add different templates to each – 1 day Status Complete
  7. Hide VAT button on quote options – 1/2 day Status: Complete
  8. Selectable photo additions to the quotes Status: Complete
  9. Template addition to the quote notes section to replace need for measurement sheet 1 day. Status: Complete
  10. Supplier list update project (option module upgrade) – Complete and price list uploaded
  11. Make the line item invisible when the view / hide is clicked. so the description disappears and so does the line. But the data is still viewable to the user – 1 day. Status: Complete
  12. Search bar results. Swap out the ‘Sector’ and put in the appointment date and time instead. As below. See here for further details: 1 day. Status: Complete
  13. Make a new pdf project jobsheet available to fitting teams in system and in app – 7 days – Status: Complete
  14. Sales / estimators front access to system, restricted view to their own schedule , jobs and quotes. 5 days. Status: Complete
  15. We need to be able to add custom fields into that drop down menu of the charges form (as below) to put in the types of Grass . 2 days Status: Complete
  16. Easigrass account to new server migration to counteract virtual terminal speed issues in office and slow connection in shop – 10 days. Status: Started. ETTC 20/6/2017
  17. Redactor upgrade for adding multiple images with quotes, notes and descriptions Status: Part complete – Sales Team Request Status: Complete
  18. New capacity schedule for Neeru –– 10 days Status: Complete
  19. Change the colour of the FTM bar to any colour. So the ability to colour code an FTM for easy indentification. Setting should appear in the FTM settings. 2 days Status: Complete
  20. Field Team Member / Sales estimators remedial and special projects settings. 3 days. Status: Started. Status: Complete


Written By

Adrian Portsmouth