How to recover pictures taken on the Flobot field app

Before you accept an new update of the Flobot Field app, you must submit any outstanding jobsheets first. They won’t always get lost but it is a wise precaution to get your job information into the system as soon as possible. If however, you have suffered a jobsheet failure, all is not lost. Any pictures that have been taken are still […]

Sending quotes to suppliers and ftms – Accounts upgrade part 3

Ok, so we have a great quote making tool. We can make and send a very detailed quote out to the client and they can accpet it electronically through the system. We need to be able to send this information to the FTM and the supplier. Ideally, these would be 2 different documents but for the moment they can be the […]

Multiple invoices on one order

At the moment if you want to create a new invoice hen you just cretate a new order and send one out. Work 99% of the time. However, every so often you want to be able to sent out an additional invoice from the same order number. Maybe for some extra work and the client’s finance department wants it on […]

Flobot accounts overhaul part 2

So, as part of the accounts overhaul this is part 2. Under the accounts we need to make some changes, Under Contacts Contacts – we need to add contacts in here even if they are added from the site or order screen. All contacts on the account should appear here. All contacts should be searchable in the search bar. ideally we […]