How to send an sms text message to you whole field team with Flobot

There may be times when you need to alert your whole field team about something instantly and the best way to do this is often with an sms text message. The phones buzzes with an sms text message and so it has a much higher chance of being read. This is a neat feature within Flobot. You will also see […]

How to populate and de-populate automatic slots in the schedule – Flobot

You can control the availability of a field team members schedule by making them available as a default option or unavailable. This is useful for a contractor where you might not have full access to their diary, They may not work for you very often and so you don’t want the office staff to book them for a job without […]

Improvements to the quote module on the app

The quote module works better now that is a  huge positive, so well done to Hesh. However, there are still several features that have not been added from the last spec and several that need to be added. The overall app itself is stable and it is good. However, it is a bit clunky, a bit ugly in parts and […]

How to create an invoice using the stored price list in Flobot

You can create a quick invoice in the charges section using the price list stored in the settings under ‘quote items’. This means you never need to remember the prices or look them up for your labour or materials. Here’s how to do that.

Changes to the quote module in the app

The quote module is too clunky in the app and needs to be changed to make it useful. It must have a feed to prefill the costs of materials and labour that are stored in the database. (no-one is going to fill this in in the field from a paper price list). At the moment if it has one it […]

How to block/unblock time slots in the Field team schedule

Blocking or unblocking a time slot or booking a misc slot in the Field team schedule is similar to doing so in the system. Have a look at the following steps.   1. Go to the Field resources section. 2. Select a field team member you want to block or unblock slots. 3. Click Options > View. 4. Click the […]

Update to the Ftm details of the job on Flobot

We need to move this box to the customer notes. The we need to rename Customer note to ‘Order Notes’. We have 2 boxed, one for customer notes and one called ‘Engineer notes’ In the engineer notes we need to be able to add files from the document store, the quotes and the project sheet from a drop down menu. These […]

How to block and unblock slots in the schedule: Flobot

How to block and unblock slots for field team members in Flobot. If your slots are greyed out or all in grey you need to open them so you can accept more bookings. This is used to limit bookings for sub contractors who may be blocked by default. Watch this video on how to block and unblock the slots to make them […]

Adding the project sheet or supplier sheet

So we now have a very cool supplier sheet an a very cool project sheet. Both sent as pdfs and a record of both in the quotes tab. Next we need to put a copy in the document store as a pdf. Then in the Details of the job that is shared with the FTM and on that app, we […]