Change to the description box

We need to put in a new Ajax pop-up box for the details of the job. This information is shared with the ftm and appears in the app.  

New wizard for trial sign-up v2 – Tracker – Fresh Milk Software

New wizard for trial sign-up – Tracker – Fresh Milk Software We currently have a wizard which allows a new user to sign up for an open ending trial with Flobot. It can be found here: It is severely limited at the moment and doesn’t work properly. Specifically, when the client selects their industry the wizard creates several departments […]

Changes to the payment gateway / online payments for Flobot

Changes to the payment gateway / online payments for Flobot What happens is the customer pays the deposit with a credit card but the credit card charges are only added on the final settlement payment. We need to tell the customer of the amount the credit card will cost to process on each transaction. So, Can we add how much […]

How to add a new user to Flobot

How to add a new user to Flobot Go to the top of any screen and you will find the user symbol on the right. Click it and it will bring you to this screen, click the cabinet and you will see an ‘Add User’ Option. From here it is fairly straight forward, just fill in the boxes and press […]

Some improvements to the enquiry form

Yes we need to make it linear again. Alos, we need to do something about the company / organistaion. It is getting a bit messy as we add more companies as opposed to individuals. Kickserv does this pretty well with the option of asking the user whether it is a company or an indivdual at the start of the process […]