Updated Flobot scheduler features and bugs to be solved before release

The updated scheduler is looking great. Lots more fuunctionality. A few bugs to clear up before release The appointment I just made has not appeared in the schedule although it appears in the appointments tab When making the appointment the confirm button is way over to the right and has a lot of scrolling I think we need to hide […]

Complaint flag advanced search in Flobot

We have the complaint flag feature and the warning tag. Both are used to identify a customer who has a problem or has made a complaint or that the user doesn’t want to do any work for again becasue the customer is a pain in the arse or whatever. At the moment we flag it so that the marketing siftware […]

Schedule enhancement colours

We need to make a colour change to an appointment where the job sheet hasĀ been completed and submitted successfully. And we need to insert a line break in the schedule for multiple appointments in the same slot to make it look nicer.