The new customer notes screen in Flobot

Customer notes Should be labelled ‘Customer notes not ‘Customer note’

The appointments screen on Flobot, new changes

The appointment screen Note the ‘+’ symbol and in this case it will open up to a full screen again.So, this has the map location of the appointment the details of the appointment itself with the FTM name etc. If you look at the second screen looks very similiar to the appointments screen except this is where you actually select the appointment. […]

Update to the Flobot charges sections for usability and clarity

The Invoice and site address should be split screen toi help the user see where the job took place and where the invoice is going to The Charges section should be changed to ‘Customer charges’ on the naviagtion tabs. This is a difficvult screen. We have 2 mthodsa we can do to change it, espcailly now we have added  ‘Discount’ and […]

New electronic Job Sheet design – e-jobsheet

The electronic job sheet is one of the best features that we have in Flobot. It gives the date and time of the submission. It geo=locates and geo-stamps the location of where the jobsheet was creted and signed in case of a dispute. It has clickable pictures to open in full size and the pdfs, word documents and anything else […]

Update to Flobot usability project – order screen

Ok, so we have made a few changes put let’s get more radical and really create something unique. After having had a play around with a lot of our work-flow management competitors software, Jobber, KickServ, eworksmanager I think we can do better. We will incorporate something of all of theirs and combine it wikth out own look and feel and […]

Contractor accepting job

We need a feedback mechanism for a contractor to electronically accept a job that is sent to them. So, that can be done by the app. When the job is posted and an appointment made we should have an option to make this ‘Conditional.’ To make this clear there will another kind of appointment in the drop down menu that […]