Add a setting to change the information on the rollover in the schedule

A user may want to change the information displayed in the schedule. At the mment it is stuck to the mtx order number and a postcode. This is not that useful. We should add a setting to allow it to be replaced with a site name, a customer name, a city or an account name.

Quick hack for further schedule usability

We have a big project for adding enhancemens to the schedule. In the eantime there is a quick way we could add a recurring appointment. e just need to do 2 things as far as I can determine. 1) We need to allow the system to open up slots 3 months ahead and more 2) then we need to make […]

New User sign-up wizard for Flobot

New wizard for trial sign-up – Tracker – Fresh Milk Software We currently have a wizard which allows a new user to sign up for an open ending trial with Flobot. It can be found here: It is severely limited at the moment and doesn’t work properly. Specifically, when the client selects their industry the wizard creates several departments […]

Extend open FTM slots system to 3 months and beyond

We now have the ability to open up the slots automatically for the Field Tea Members and I think they open up every Tuesday for 2 weeks ahead. e need the option to open them further maybe 3 months and beyond.

Creating extra ‘New Order’ button

We need to create a ‘new Order’ button here n the image below in the ‘Orders’ Section just because t is logical to do so.

Edit / open up a time slot in the past on schedule

It is possible to fill a slot in th schedule that has taken place in the past. This is useful for assigning ftms retrospectively to keep records correct and to allocate costs. However, when an appointment is deleted in the past the slot becomes grey and there is no way to open it up again. 2 things need to happen […]

Updates to the VAT / Sales Tax invoicing system

We need to make the VAT charging system more flexible. In other countries they call it various names like Sales Tax and charge it in different ways. 1) We need to add ability to change VAT rate on a specific charging line entry with default set from global settings. So for example VAT is not technically due on Parking. We […]