Stage Order updates and new anchors for Flobot

Now that the new stage order system is up and running we need to tidy up some anchors to improve workflow Stage 6) Quote Accepted. So you put in an amount for the deposit in the charges section and send a pro-forma invoice to the client. At that point the order stage sghould automatically move onto – 7a) Deposit not […]

New Accounts Tab on main navigation page and new contacts tab

New Accounts Tab on main navigation page and new contacts tab I think we should have a tab running across the top navigation that displays all accounts. and builds a table similar to the order table. It needs to have a an ‘Advanced Account Search’ feature that allows the user to run queries such total spend, date acquired, amount of money […]

Search for any name or contact in the Search Bar

We need to be able to search for additional account holder details such as name, telephone number, email address, maybe even job role in the search bar. This is so that users can quickly find the details of the people they need to speak to. At the moment you can only fond the main account holder in the search index […]

CIS Tax Feature / after Tax discount addition

I don’t know if this is useful anywhere else but we have a client in Scotland that needs a feature added for what is called CIS tax. This is a tax discount applied after VAT. I can’t see it being used anywhere else biut someohow we need to code it and it might help out somehwhere. So, I suggest this. […]

Updates to the Field Contractors scheduling system on Flobot

The scheduling system is robust and has worked well for several years. But we need to add more functionality and tidy a few bits and pieces up. 1) The edit appointment tab needs to be fixed and go back in 2) We need to implement recurring appointments Some ideas for how this will work: this is good and quitemcomprehensive | very […]