OnMouseover details and description of job throughout system

At the moment it is not possible to get more specific information on a particlar job without clicking the link and going into the record. This means a lot of excess clicking when deciding which order to select as there is not enough information displayed in the tables. However, ading another table row would look ugly and would make the […]

Ajax search for customers, orders, invoices, postcodes, telephpne numbers on Flobot

When typing in a value into the search box, if something isn’t found the following error pops up.

Stage 9 Outstanding payments tab default to search for all unpaid orders

At the moment the  ‘View Orders With Outstanding Payments Tab’ only searches a month or so. The default should be changed to search for all orders at any time. Also, The order date is from the first time the order was placed onto the system. What the user is really interested in is the invoice date which denotes when the […]