Re-issue an invoice with original date

When you issue an invoice it puts todays date onto the invoice. This is a feature we want to keep but we want to be able to add the original date the invoice was sent also. A new bit of information should be added to the invoice looking something like below.

Field Resources areas covered and skill set display

Flobot allows you to select the areas that your field resources and contractors can or are willing to work and the skill set or type of jobs they are able and willing to perform. This is ideally set out with the contractor at the start and then there is no confusion as to which jobs can be attended to by […]

Edit an appointment in Flobot

When you have booked an appointment and then go back to edit it. You are presented with the schedule to edit, the existing apointment highlighted in green. Untick that box and then tickthe desired box for the edited appointment. The hit confirm. But when you go back to the schedule it has not deleted the original appoinmtnet and now you […]

Customer quoting tool internal enhancements

Our clients tell us that the¬†quoting tool is one of the best features of Flobot. Here are a few enhancements to make before we embark on the quote template system. 1. At the moment it only allows the user to select days and we need a further drop down menu to allow them to select hours, weeks, months or even […]

How to get your customers to pay for their services online

If you have the payment gateway installed Flobot allows you to take payments from your customers for the services you have provided or perhaps a deposit by sending out a payment link. The customer can enter their card details and pay much like purchasing something from Amazon or another online shop. This can save a lot of time on the […]