Nickname & Trading name feature expansion

In the settings => display there are a number of options that control which data is presented in the order table. So when the selection for ‘trading name’ is made for example the order table displays that data instead of the field team members name. (1st image) However, this is the only art of the system where these changes appear […]

Additional user generated Identification numbers

  UD Client number: Purchase Order Number Factoring Number How this data will be input into the system The Purchase order number is already in the system and can be found under ‘edit overview’ => edit order the it appears in the table The same process should be repeated for the Factoring Number. (Factoring is where a company sells the […]

Flobot Feature Upgrades 9/10/2015

1) New select all button when configuring filed team members for skills and areas covered 2) Include full site address on invoice. New tab in the settings to allow you to switch this feature on and off 3) Send customer new account email. New tab in the settings to allow you to switch this feature on and off 4) Send customer close […]

Flobot Bug fixes 9/10/2015

1) Appointment bug fixed for field engineers to ensure notes are always delivered by email 2) Reminder bug fixed for Field Team Members on second reminder of task 3) Manual job sheet upload bug fixed in Extranet Contractor Portal 4) e-jobsheet error fixed in Contractor extranet Portal