Flobot invoicing

To create a new Invoice, follow the steps below: To get started, make sure logged in to the Flobot admin portal. Go to the order you want to an invoice. Then go to the charges section. To add charges or make an invoice, click the burger icon in the customer charges section. There’re multiple types of invoices in that burger. […]

Chasing FTMs for Quotes

NOTE: Quote chase feature only available in the ServiceTeam Send chase WhatsApp message If an order has appointments, users will be able to send the chase message to each FTM. First, you need to open the order you want to send the chase message. Go to the Order notes section. Click the burger icon in the Customer notes area. Select […]

Multiple checklist feature

Using multiple checklist feature, companies will able to send single or multiple checklists to the FTM How to add checklist templates First, login to flobot and go to settings. Then go to the “App Template” tab. Add a new template, Select “New Template” from Template option dropdown. Give a template name on “template name” textbox To add checklist items, use […]

Multiple risk assesment Zoho forms feature

Multiple risk assesment feature allows you to use multiple zoho forms instead of one form in daily risk assesment. Turning on this feature will replace the previous daily risk assesment feature. How turn this feature on and configure First login to Flobot, go to settings, Then click on “App Settings” tab. Click on “Risk Assesment Checklist” tab, Then enable “Enable […]

How to change the password for a User

Go to Users section in the Flobot by clicking user icon in the dashboard or top right corner Select the options drop-down of the user you need to change the password Then select the Edit Finally, find out the Password field from the selected user and enter the new password and save your changes.

What are the accounting packages Flobot supports and how they work with the Flobot?

What is the Flobot?Flobot is simple service software. Flobot helps you run your business better. Taking payments from your customers, scheduling field team members, creating estimates and quotes, invoicing clients, producing reports, managing contractors and employees. Basically, all the functions you need to run your service business. How do they work together? Flobot handles all the day to day management […]

Doughnut Feature

Doughnut is a feature that simplifies all the tasks in the flobot app. If your company Field Workers think that Flobot app is so complicated, you can use this feature. How to enable Doughnut feature on flobot First, Login to Flobot and go to settings Then click App Settings on the left side menu Then turn on “Enable Doughnut” setting […]

Customer job acceptance confirmation improvements on Flobot app

In some cases, the resident is not on the site. So now FTM will be able to continue their job sheet submitting process without customer signature & job acceptance confirmation popup.

Complaints Procedure

Once the user adds a complaint flag on any order, the Complaint flag icon appears in the Green color until passing the 2days. Then it will appear in Yellow color until passing the 4th day. On the 5th day, icon appear in Red color. Also, it will notify the specific email address by sending a notification email. NOTE: Red color […]

Recall/In Warranty Appointments

When the user booked a remedial appointment to any order, Flobot will send an appointment confirmation to the customer. Its includes Appointment details, Job address details, Order summary and FTM details. NOTE: This is a pre-customized email template. Users are unable to customize the template from the settings section.