Uploading images and files to Flobot

You can upload images and files easily to Flobot whenever you see the the Flobot Content Editor.


In Chrome you can simply drag an image straight into your editor window and it will be uploaded. This is currently not supported in Internet Explorer. To upload an image without dragging and dropping,  in the Editor, click on the ‘image’ icon Image iconand you will see the following dialogue:


Inserting an image

The insert image dialogue box

Drag your image onto the ‘Drop file here’ text or click the ‘Choose’ button to select the file from your hard drive. You may alternatively capture an image URL and select the ‘Link’ button to paste your URL. Flobot will then fetch the image and display it. Note that if the linked image is deleted or moved, your image will no longer work.


Files – using the Flobot Content Editor

You can upload a file in a similar way by clicking on the ‘File’ icon File icon and you will see the following dialogue appear:

Inserting a file

Inserting a file

Drag your file onto the ‘Drop file here’ text or click the ‘Choose’ button to select the file from your hard drive. Please be aware that the larger your file, the longer it will take to upload. Flobot currently supports file sizes up to 1 Mb.

Files – using the file picker.

Sometimes you’ll need to upload files without needing to enter any text such as when adding certificates or documents to an order. Where this is possible you see the following file upload method:

Uploading a file

Uploading a file

In Chrome, you may drag a file onto the form element and then press the ‘Save button’. In Internet Explorer, or Chrome, select ‘Choose file’ to pick the file from your hard drive, then select ‘Save’


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