Understanding the order stages

Why do I need to see order stages?

No matter what the nature of your business is, the process of managing a customer enquiry through to a completed order will follow a sequence of events to create a workflow. Flobot can help you to manage your business’s workflow by assigning an order stage to every action and automatically moving the order through one of the stages until it is completed.

It’s also important that you know what stage all of your orders are at so that you can manage any bottlenecks that appear and you can use the dashboard and the order log to help you with this.

Flobot’s order stages

Order stages


The following list shows the order stages that Flobot uses to let you know where your order is.

  1. Enquiry received
  2. Order created
  3. Quote appointment booked
  4. Awaiting completion of quote
  5. Quote issued to customer
  6. Quote accepted by customer
  7. Deposit paid by customer
  8. Works appointment booked
  9. Awaiting payment
  10. Awaiting job completion
  11. Order complete
  12. Quote rejected
  13. Order cancelled by customer
  14. Order cancelled by business
  15. Debt recovery
  16. Payment in dispute
Why has my order missed out some stages?

Not every order will go through every stage – for instance, if your client wants to go straight ahead and book work in, once you’ve created an order for them they’ll go from stage 2 to straight to stage 8. That’s because stages 3,4,5,6 and 7 are associated with quote work, and the extra stages allow for the quote appointment, creation and decision making processes to take place.

Can I change or set and order stage myself?

Whilst Flobot will manage your order stages most of the time, you can always intervene to change the order stage if you know something about an order that Flobot doesn’t, for example to send a member of your team to re-quote for work, or correct an error that someone has made. Sometimes, you’ll also need to cancel an order, or tell Flobot that a customer has failed to pay their bill and move them to a ‘debt’ recovery stage.

How to change the order stage

Find the order you wish to edit by either selecting it from the order log or searching for it. Click the menu button and from the dropdown list, select ‘Edit order’

Edit order






On the edit order page, select the order stage dropdown and select the new order stage.

Edit order stage

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