How to book an appointment on Flobot

This article is about appointment types & how to schedule an engineer for an appointment.

What are appointment types
  • Quote & estimate
    When adding a quote or estimate job to FTM use this appointment type. You can also able to add multiple jobs for same time slot for different FTM(s) under this appointment type.
  • Job or project
    Use this when adding Job for FTM. You can only book a single time slot for single job only.
  • Small job
    Small job type is for the appointments which takes less than the time  time of the time slot. You can add multiple jobs for same time slot under this appointment type.
  • Remidial
    Remedial jobs are special jobs. When there is no FTM available for customer area (Post code),  use this appointment type. FTM type must have selected to “Remidial” and Job type must be selected to “Special”.
  • Recurring
    Of course for the recurring jobs.
  • Capacity schedule
    This is were you temporary park a appointment job until you assign it to a FTM. You can book this appointment temporally over the phone by taking preferred time slot from the customer and then you can take it out from here and move to FTM schedule.

  • Delivery or collection
    This is for the delivery jobs and you can add multiple deliveries for the same time slot.
Here’s How to add new appointment
  1. Go to Order > Appointments in your order area.
  2. Click plus icon in the appointment section to add new appointment.
  3. Fill the appointment details.
  4. Then you can select time slots for your engineer.
  5. Press Confirm appointment button to save.








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