Sometimes you may need to allow franchises to make orders into the system directly.

Here’s how to get it activated:

  1. Go to Settings > Company info settings in your Admin area. Here you will be able to Add or edit Franchise commission for company. Capture3
  2. You can add commission for franchises customer account by editing it. Capture4
  3. In the account overview, there will be a section where it shows how much commission he has earned so far with the order list. Capture
  4. Also in the financial section, there will be a new column as commission and total commission is shown there. Capture2
  5. If customer account is franchises, then the customer will be able to create to new order on customer portal. there will be a new dashboard with commission as follows. (Note: Add order will only active for the customers where the convert to order is on)CaptureScreenshot (2)Screenshot (3)
  6. After the job has been completed an email will be received to the company email address.

(Note : If customer franchises commission is not setup in the account section then by default it will be set company franchises commission.)