FLOBOT New Quote Features – Part 8: Quote Viewable Feature

Flobot quote viewable and visible feature has been updated recently. With the flexible quote model available in your Flobot, you’re able to customize the quote structure a number of different ways.

Getting Started:

  1. Go to your quote
  2. Navigate to the Quote information section
  3. Click on the” + “sign to Add a new line
  4. In the Add itemization for labor and material costs section, you will notice slight bit of change with a drop down menu under the heading of Viewable it is consisting of these following five options. Screenshot (54)

Option 1 : Show description, price and add to total 

Option 2 : Show description, hide line price but add to total

Option 3 : Show description, hide line price and remove from the total

Option 4 : Hide description price and add to total

Option 5 : Hide description price and remove from the total