FLOBOT New Quote Features – Part 3: Single projects & Multiple projects.

This feature is to replicate the quote information box. So, some customers like builders and landscaper have complex and long quotes that they need to break into individual sections.

For example, the are building a new garden and they want to price for separate parts of it which are mini projects in their own.

Garden wall

Bricks = 200

mortar = 200

Labor = 2 days for 2 men etc.

Then they want to have a separate min project for say turfing the lawn. And these separate projects can be selected separately by the customer. To cater for this, we need to put in a ‘table’ symbol next to the ‘+’ symbol on the quote information box. And clicking that table symbol just creates a new information box that you can label to whatever you like, so ‘Project 2′ for example.

Ideally you would have a small table at the bottom that would allow you to add the totals of all the tables to appear on the quote – or not.