How Flobot mobile push notification appointments update works

There are several ways you can send push notifications to field team members through FLOBOT; Push Messages or Push Notifications Or you can send a push notification for following scenarios.

  • Force reset app.

To force reset app:

  1. Navigate to field resources section.
  2. Select a active field team member to send.
  3. Click on Options drop down menu and select Reset app. Capture3
  4. You’ll end up with the following screen. Screenshot (24)
  5. After sending the push notification to reset app the relevant FTM will get a notificaion and once click on Notification, IMG_0390
  6. FTM must be navigated to message pop up and after clicking on Agree.. IMG_0391
  7. App will reset automatically.

And this feature will affect to following scenarios as well. Notification should be received to app in any scenario mentioned below. Only for relevant FTMs. Once click on Notification, FTM must be navigated to Update View.


  1. Add Appointment.


  2. Edit Order.


  3. Edit Appointment.


  4. Delete Appointment.


  5. Edit Site.