How Flobot mobile push notifications and message centre works

There are several ways you can send push notifications to field team members through FLOBOT; Push Messages or Push Notifications.

How to get activated:

  1. Go to Settings > App settings in your Admin Area.
  2. Click on “Enable push notification“. 1

Here we explain each:

  • Send notifications to all FTMs.

To send notifications to all FTMs :

  1. Navigate to field resources section.
  2. Click on Field resources options drop down menu and select “Push notifications for all FTMs”.2
  3. Then you can navigate to the Send notification to all FTMs screen.3
  4. Type your message there.
  5. Click on send button.

(Note : Here you’ll be able to send a single message to your all active field team members.)

  • Send individual messages

To send individual messages:

  1. Navigate to field resources section.
  2. Select a active field team member to send.
  3. Click on Options drop down menu and select Message.Capture2
  4. Now you will be able to navigate to the Message to FTM screen.
  5. Type your message on the test filed with the maximum limit of 250 characters.
  6. Click on “Send” Capture4

Here are the app screens that the FTM will receive after sending push messages.



At any time if you want to on the see messages, just navigate to the message center(Click on the message icon).

IMG_0380 - Copy