Delivery drop down

Here’s how to get it activated:

  1. Go to Settings > Company type settings in your Admin area. Here you will be able to select the company type as Delivery or NormalScreenshot (6)Screenshot (7)
  2. If you select Company type as Delivery you will be able to select the Account address or Site address from the Collection address drop down menu. Screenshot (8)
  3. Click SaveScreenshot (9)
  4. Navigate to the Add appointment view, here you will be able to see the Collection address that you selected previously (Site address or Account address) in the Collection address section.Screenshot (10)
  5. If you just put a tick on the Copy site address check boxes, your site address will automatically replace the Collection address and Delivery address test boxes automatically.  Screenshot (12)
  6. You can also add multiple appointments to the same time slot from different delivery orders. Capture