Daily risk assessment checklist for field team

Here’s how to enable :

  1. Go to Settings > App Settings.
  2. Then Find Enable daily risk assessment status & enable it.


Here’s how it works:

  • When it enabled on the Admin panel, FTMs can find new column below the JOB COMPLETE SIGN OFF column.
  • Then FTM can fill & SUBMIT it.
    IMG_0407 IMG_0408(NOTE : FTM should submit this before he submit the Job sheet.)
  • Risk assessment check list automatically attached to the Job sheet when FTM submit the job sheet.


Here’s how to view:

  • Open your Order in Admin Panel.
  • Go to Document store & find System job sheets.
  • Then View your job sheet.
  • Scroll down the Job sheet & find Risk assessment url. Click on the link to view Risk assessment pdf.