‘CCC’ or ‘Continuous Content Creator’ on Flobot.

This article will be focusing on how to work with ‘CCC’ or ‘Continuous Content Creator’ on Flobot. Specific pages on your website or preferably a satellite website is updated and populated with a sanitized version of the description of works enquiries taken form the Flobot database.

So, when someone take an enquiry for say ‘wallpapering in Catford’ or ‘garden wall repair camden nw1’ it adds the description to a page about wallpapering and decorating on the website and then gets indexed by Google and you can filter administration requests by area.

Sounds Complex, to make your job easier, so let’s take it step by step.

Step 1

Create a new enquiry or new customer. Serviceteam-Ltd

Remember the Postcode, Department and Enquiry type you have selected when creating the order will affect the CCC feature in FLOBOT. For an example, here we’ve selected Customer profile as “Business”, Department as “Handyman” and Enquiry type as “Siliconing”.

Step 2

Then navigate to the CCC tab of the main navigation bar on FLOBOT. Here you will be able to see the previous enquiries you have added which are not published to your website. Serviceteam-Ltd1

Step 3

Click on the cabinet icon on the top right corner, here you will be able to see flowing functions,

Advanced enquiry search – Here you will be able to search enquiries.

Show publish –  Here you will be able to publish the enquiries to your website

Show unpublished – Here you will be able to unpublish the enquiries from your website.

Show all – Here you will be able see all the enquires which you may need some content filtering.

Enquiries publish all – “Note: If you click here, it will publish all the unpublished enquiries to your website.”

Most important thing before you publish an Enquiry from Flobot to you web site CCC, that filter or take out customer private data such as customer name, phone number, email and other specification which should be in shown in public.

To filter out or take that info out you can do as follow.

As mentioned as above,

Click the “review” button of the previous enquiry you have added. Screenshot-416

Then click on the “Yes” radio button and then you can edit details of enquiry here. Screenshot-417
Click on “Save” to publish your enquiry to your website. (Note: This will take 12 hours to affect to your website)
Once you published the enquiry it will disappear from the CCC page.

Step 4

1.Navigate to your website.
2.Click on the Department section.
3.Navigate to the Department you have selected, in this case we have selected the “Handyman”. Capture0
Then click on the Enquiry type you have selected, as you remember we have selected Enquiry type as “Siliconing”. Here you will be able to see the enquiry you have published. Capture2

You can also filter your enquiries by postcode. By clicking on the postcodes which includes the enquires from the bottom of the page. Capture

Now you will be able to publish an enquiry to your website successfully.