How to create a deposit invoice in Flobot

How to add a deposit amount to the charges section for an invoice in Flobot

You may want to ask your customer for a deposit to secure a booking or to pay for materials up front.

Remember if you want to send a deposit invoice (pro-forma) and get an online payment you need to have a payment gateway installed and you need to send the invoice labelled ‘ Send Customer an online payment deposit link’.

  • Go to Charges section of your order and find out Deposit Amount┬áin customer charges section.
  • Then edit deposit amount as inserting amount or percentage and make save your changes.
  • After click the three-dot actions menu icon and select the deposit invoice you need to send customer.
  • Finally you can see the sample of deposit invoice in pdf format.(After send the invoice to customer).

How to create a deposit invoice in Flobot(Video Link)